Corporate Law

VSG has broad experience in corporate Law:

  • Companies
  • Incorporation of companies, such as permits by the Economy Ministry for the incorporation of companies, change of denomination or legal name, and other changes.


  • Prepare Meeting Minutes for Shareholders/Partner Meetings or resolutions adopted out of Meeting (fiscal years, any changes in relation to the board members or inspectors of accounts, granting or revoking of powers of attorney, increase and reduction of capital, changes, merges, corporate break-ups, dissolutions and liquidations.)


  • Handling and custody of Corporate Books
  • Buying-selling companies
  • Prepare the entries of registered stock or shareholders and capital variations in the records books.
  • Certifications regarding capital stock integration.
  • Issuance of provisional certificates, stock certificates, as well as their endorsement.
  • Formalization of resolutions before notary public.
  • Registration of companies, power of attorney and legal instruments before the Public Registry of Commerce.
  • Prepare Corporate Opinions.


  • Foreign Investment
  • Registration of companies before the National Registry of Foreign Investments
  • Prepare and submit all notices regarding corporate movements.
  • Prepare, review, and present quarterly and annual financial reports.
  • Apostille and legalization of public documents.



Other Areas of practice